Trevor Muir – Lansing
I have seen time and time again a hidden brilliance in the students I encounter in my classroom. For too long this brilliance has been stifled by a system that represses creativity and innovation with rows, textbooks, and lectures. But I am part of a tribe of people working to unleash the potential of every student we encounter by rethinking and retooling what this system looks like.I am a teacher.That’s why I teach students with project based learning. And give keynotes, workshops, and write about my work in the classroom and how effective authentic education can be. I recently presented a TED talk at Tedx San Antonio called “School Should Take Place in the Real Word,” and my spoken word poem was featured in the Huffington Post.My beautiful bride is named Alli and we have a boy named Jack and little princess named Piper. Their favorite activities are pointing out rocks and riding our golden retriever Zeke.School should not be boring. Life either.


 Connie Hamilton – Grand Rapids
Connie Hamilton Ed.S. has 25 years in education as teacher, instructional coach, elementary/secondary principal, and K-12 district administrator. She is currently the curriculum director in Saranac Community Schools, is an international educational consultant and presenter, and the author of Hacking Homework. Teachers describe her workshops as meaningful and engaging as she models quality instructional methods that can be used in the classroom tomorrow. She applies her deep understanding of pedagogy in workshops such as Questioning, Gradual Release of Responsibility, Student Engagement, Feedback, and more. Connie spends most of her year facilitating classroom observations in a collaborative setting so teachers can learn from one another as they implement new strategies with students. She brings these experiences to her workshops to help teachers put research into practice in ways that make sense.


 Allyson Apsey – Lansing

Allyson Apsey is the principal of Quincy Elementary in Zeeland, MI. Before becoming the principal of Quincy, she was a secondary principal at a charter school in Traverse City, MI. She specializes in creating need-satisfying, empowering environments for children and adults. Allyson is certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, she is a board member of the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principal’s Association, and the co-host of a Facebook LIVE talk show called The Principals Playhouse. She is the author of the upcoming book, “The Path to Serendipity” from Dave Burgess Publishing!

Allyson’s interactive session will focus on creating a need-satisfying environment in your classroom for both students and for YOU. You will see behavior through a new lens as you explore the purpose of behavior and the information we can learn from behavior. Her sessions are full of reflection, collaboration, laughter and maybe a few tears. You will leave with new ideas and a new perspective.


 Dr. Dorothy VanderJagt – Grand Rapids and Lansing

Dr. Dorothy VanderJagt, founder of iFireUP, is a very popular speaker who is well known for developing energizing, educational workshops that provide educators with practical strategies for immediate use. She has also conducted numerous workshops, in-services for schools, and presented at state and national conferences. She has worked with students, teachers, and administrators as a teacher, department chair, team leader, mentor,administrator, consultant and college professor.

Dorothy was a teacher for ten years, a principal for eleven years, and the the Director of Teaching and Learning at Kent Intermediate School District for four years. She co-directed the Northern Exposure to Middle Level Education Conference in Frankenmuth, Michigan, for five years and has been the director of the Michigan Education Conference for twelve years. Dorothy has published research on problems facing schools today, leadership, and curriculum strategies. She has developed educational games, on-line courses, and is co-author of two popular books WOW, What a Team! and Fire Up for Learning! and author of Direction Connection and Math Connection.


 Bob Siegel – Lansing

Bob Siegel has been a dynamic educational leader for decades as a teacher, varsity coach, principal, professor, and leadership consultant. Bob as positively impacted thousands of lives in his career through his loving leadership style. His words and actions have motivated many children and adults alike to success. Bob has a true sense of how to lead others, is a wonderful example to those around him. Bob is author of Learn to Lead with Love.

Bob has a true desire to lead others in a positive way, inspiring them to do “good things,” while keeping lots of humor in his daily interactions with those that he comes in contact with. As an educational consultant, Bob has a sincere passion for sharing the message of Leading with Love and has been a true connection to those in his audience.


 Casey Gordon – Lansing

Casey Gordon has focused her professional career on the educational opportunities of Special Populations and at-risk learners, including English Learners. Working with newcomer and bilingual students, Gordon was a teacher of English and English as a Second Language in both alternative and comprehensive schools before becoming an educational consultant.

Casey is currently the Manager of Academic Partnerships for Kent Intermediate School District. She works with schools to design classroom instruction and district programs that meet the specific needs of Special Populations including English Learners and refugees, students experiencing homelessness and high mobility, students in foster care, and unaccompanied youth. Gordon is a Past-President of Michigan TESOL, an adjunct professor, and frequent presenter at state and national conferences on language and instruction. Casey offers support to numerous districts throughout the state. Her sessions are filled with a treasure chest of practical resources.

  Jon Wennstrom – Lansing

Jon is a principal in Livonia Public Schools and has over twenty-three years of experience in education. From a classroom teacher, high school wrestling coach, theater director, and principal, he has served many roles in schools. He has also served as the Chief Academic Officer at Baker College and as an online instructor for the University of Phoenix. Outside of the school, he gives back to his community and his profession as a graduate of the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Series, a member of Rotary International, and serves on the board of directors for the Michigan Elementary & Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA). He has been featured on the national educational podcasts “The Transformative Principal” and “BAM!Radio Network”. He has been chosen as a Michigan Educator Voice Fellow, has a leadership role in the national group “The Compelled Tribe” of educational bloggers, and was recognized as the outstanding principal for Michigan’s Region One (Wayne County). He is the co-host of the “Principals Playhouse” web series and has presented at several state conferences. Jon’s sessions are filled with enthusiasm and excitement and participants leave with resources and ideas to implement the next day!

  Kathryn Curry – Grand Rapids


Derek Wheaton – Grand Rapids

  Marie DeGroot – Grand Rapids