Too Much Data!


Too Much Data

Online Courses for Non-Credit.

This course will focus on different types of data.

Formative, Summative, Classroom Assessments, District Assessments, State Assessments, National Assessments, etc! What do we do with all this data?

Assessments are essential in measuring student progress and attainment of outcomes.  When developed and implemented effectively, assessments should evaluate student learning and enhance instruction. Participants will spend time learning about valid and reliable assessments and how to support student learning by using assessments.  Making sense of classroom, school, and district data will also be covered. Educators have access to an enormous amount of data, this course will help participants decide what data should be utilized and how to best use the data to support student learning.

Data carousels, data walls, data dialogues are some ways to encourage communication and analysis among staff.

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April 5, 2020, February 15, 2020


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