EDU 517 Making Sense of Educator Evaluation Making it Meaningful

EDU 517 Making Sense of Educator Evaluation Making it Meaningful

EDU 517 Making Sense of Educator Evaluation Making it Meaningful

This course is for participants who want a better understanding of educator evaluation and desire to make their evaluation process more meaningful.  Steps to effective communication and addressing areas of concern will be covered.

 Participants will learn highly effective communication strategies that support teacher growth.  Participants will have an understanding of Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) and Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) at the completion of the course.   A list of valuable resources will be shared to add to educator’s toolkit.  Participants will develop an understanding of critical communication skills to establish from the beginning of the year regarding teacher evaluation.  This course will explore a wide range of strategies and resources to assist in the evaluation process.  Overall, the course will focus on setting a timeline for evaluations, crucial follow through with teachers, and with suggestions for critical conversations.  Recommended resources for areas of growth will be shared in the course.

Please complete the Spring Arbor Enrollment form or SCECHS form and mail it to the following address: 3063 Park South Dr, Jenison, MI 49428

Registration will close one week before online course begins.

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