EDU 517 Intentional Classroom Management to Impact Student Learning

EDU 517 Intentional Classroom Management to Impact Student Learning

EDU 517 Intentional Classroom Management to Impact Student Learning

Learn the effective proactive strategies to develop an engaging classroom culture where all students can learn. Participants will learn highly effective strategies to be proactive in creating an engaging classroom culture.

This course will demonstrate how to identify areas in your classroom to redesign. Participants will develop an understanding of proactive strategies through a variety of methods and materials. This course will explore a wide range of strategies and resources to promote an engaging culture for learning. Overall, the course will focus on researched based instructional strategies that focused on a highly effective classroom culture. It is critical to become more intentional about the development of classroom environment, resources, and engagement of students that foster high achievement. This course will challenge you to identify and make changes in your classroom environment and teaching by using the strategies shared and routines you can easily incorporate into your classroom.

Please complete the Spring Arbor Enrollment form or SCECHS form and mail it to the following address: 3063 Park South Dr, Jenison, MI 49428

Registration will close one week before online course begins.

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