Conversation Cards

Conversation Cards
Conversation Cards by iFireUP
51 cards per pack
Card size - 3”x 5”
Conversation Cards are an excellent way to start quality conversations.  The pack of cards has a variety of photos and words to begin conversation and collaboration.  The cards can be used in a group or individually.  Place participants in groups of 4 to 5 people and give each group a stack of cards.  A question or topic is posed to the group, such as, "thinking of your way here today, what card could help describe your experience?" You can then move into more specific topics, such as:  "The growth of our organization depends on our team, an asset we have is (select a card and discuss)."

  1. Participants can be in groups or seated near one another.
  2. Place some cards at each group or by each participant.
  3. Pose a question or topic for discussion.
  4. Have participants select a card that evokes feelings to the selected topic or question.
  5. Have participants share with others in the group or near them on why they selected the card.
  6. Repeat as desired.

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