Building Relationships and Culture with Jon Wennstrom – Podcast

Jonathon Wennstrom is a building principal in Michigan. Jon discusses the importance of relationships and culture. He draws on insight from George Couros, Jimmy Casas, Carol Dweck, and others. Jon is an advocate for students and staff. Jon is engaging and informative, he is always open to sharing ideas on Twitter and in person.  Jon sends an open invite to all of our listeners to visit his school.  We hope you enjoy listening to Jon’s advice!

From Jon – about Jon – Elementary principal, educational blogger, and leadership speaker. I serve at the local level as a principal in Livonia Public Schools, at the state level in MEMSPA (Michigan Elementary & Middle School Principals Association) and at the national level with the Compelled Tribe of ed bloggers. My goal is to make learning fun for students and for staff. I believe educators learn by connecting with one another and inspiring one another. We are better together! Jon also hosts the Principals Playhouse – The Principals Playhouse was created to talk about important topics in education in a fun & exciting way. Educational leaders need to remember to find joy & have fun at school. When we are demonstrating joy, our teachers will too. When teachers are having fun, so will students. We need to take our work seriously, but not ourselves!

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